Bottle Service

"Paper or Plastic?"...  METAL!

A NON-Disposable System For Years of Beautiful Service.

Dramatically Increase Your Bottle Service Business By Providing Your Customers With The Very Finest In Elegance and Presentation

You've Created the perfect atmosphere with thousands of dollars in furnishings, decor, amenities and professionally trained servers for your establishment... why trust your hospitality to disposable, plastic complimentary cocktail service from your liquor supplier?

Even more important... Why advertise a mismatched product to your customer's preference.

The "Complimentary" bottle service products from your suppliers are created with "advertising objectives" as the priority over function, design durability and personalization for YOUR establishment. Why settle for "1 standard model", 1 color and no variety?

There is NO Comparison or Limits to the Image Created by entaLeis  Bottle Service Products.

Unique, Personality, Available In a myriad of striking Colors, Better Presentation Value,  Nearly indestructible metal vs. Plastic. No Typical Plastic Fogging, Scratching, Cracking or Staining for an Indefinitely "NEW" Look in durable metal.  The Possibilities are endless, including Color choices, logos and/or design applications with our FREE consultation service.

Portable Bottle Service

Portable style caddies allow you to efficiently offer and promote bottle services within your venue without compromising your customerís table space. Designs come in locking and non locking styles.


-Complete service for table or lounge seating

-Large polished 8 Qt. Ice Bowl

-Straw Carriers

-750 ml decanters for carrying mixers or spacing also fit for Energy Beverages

-Wide base wheel design for stability and easy transporting

 Table Top Bottle Service

Table Top Caddies create a well dressed and organized style to promote your services while enhancing your customerís experience.  Designs come in locking and non locking styles.


-750 ml decanters for carrying mixers or spacing also fit for Energy Beverages

-Saucers for beverage garnishes

-Straw Carriers

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