Is There any "MAGIC FORMULA" To Increasing Sales?.... You Better Believe It!

Exciting Presentation is EVERYTHING... for a variety of reasons.  Elevating individual drink buying customers to bottle purchases can be 'magical' as a result of the energy created in the room through visual presence and service style. Bottle service can be attracted at all product levels when the visual stimulation is present.  A little homework will reveal some very interesting findings regarding top shelf products. International Vodka taste tests alone are quite amazing among premiums and well - there is no correlation between taste preference and price - yet customers tend to order by the "label." - Bottle service can be successful at all levels and price ranges when you "Sell The Sizzle, not the steak" and there is the presence of style and sophisticated service. Your trained servers create the sophistication... entaLeis Bottle Service Products produce the style and "WOW Effect!"

We are constantly developing new designs and styles. Please contact us for expert bottle service consultation.

Featured Bottle Service Products

MULTI-GLASS Cocktail Service

"Spenders" Love the ego-surge of buying the next round for the table. The choice is obvious when you place our multi glass holders on your menu. Next time you have a busy house, try "COMPing" one of our Multi-Glass cocktail service setups to one of your regular customer's table... watch the eyes light up around the room as it is delivered to the table. Instruct your servers to "educate" their customers on the availability of your NEW "Buy-a-Round" Special and watch the FUN and SALES soar!

You can dramatically Increase sales of any Specialty or Signature Cocktails on your existing menu (or create new ones).  Offer your signature drinks in our Multi-Servers at a special price.. i.e "Buy 3 - Get One Free." - etc. Don't have any Signature Cocktails? Our entaLeis Club Marketing Division has dozens of great original drink names and recipes for your establishment. We can create, design and print a special menu, book or table tent to promote these items as well as your bottle service!

Typically NON bottle buying customers will quickly "graduate" to table product service for MULTI drink purchases when they are exposed to the visual appeal of Multi-Glass Service Specials... the next step: Bottle service!  It's all about educating the consumer - It Works!

At the fabulous prices listed below - be sure to purchase enough Multi-Glass Servers for your room... drinks will move FAST!  Only one or two customer purchases will PAY THE COST of the fixture that will last practically forever!

Shot Glass Caddies

Try Sending your Shot-Girls out on the floor with one of these presentations instead of a tray. The shots will stay colder and most times, customers purchase the ENTIRE presentation!

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