Due to manufacturing methods used to produce Texture-Wall, most panels will have a slight "bow" or "warping" in them. This is considered normal and can easily be removed using the installation methods below. If a higher degree of flatness is required, Baltic Birch plywood can be bonded to back of panels prior to manufacture. This reduces but will not completely eliminate warping. The maximum size of Baltic Birch is 4'X8'.

Please contact entaLeis for recommendations regarding your specific installation.


Z-CLIPS May only be used if there is sufficient material thickness to allow screw attachment of the clips to the Texture-Wall panel. Ideally, the panels should be specified thick enough or with a thick enough backer to accomodate the screws that are to be used. Panels of minimum thickness can be used for Z-Clip installation, but the installer must first glue wood screw cleats to the back of the panel. Z-Clips should run the full panel width to insure adequate support across the panel.

CONSTRUCTION MASTIC a high quality construction mastic such as "Liquid Nails" can be applied to the back of the panels and then pressed onto a structurally sound surface (follow construction mastic manufacturer's application instructions). Panels must be mechanically held in place until mastic is completely set.

DIRECT SCREW ATTACHMENT Texture-Wall may be attached to a supporting structure by screwing directly into the panel back. As is the case with Z-Clip installation, the panels should be specifies thick enough or with a thick enough backer to accommodate the screws that are to be used.

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