LED Step & Aisle Lighting



The new step lighting system LEDSTEP is composed of profiles and accessories, which can be combined and installed on all types of steps and stairs having different floor finishes.

LEDSTEP is specially designed for marking with a low-profile appearance by creating small LED spots along the width of the step. The illumination source of the profile is formed by modules with 1.5, 3, 4.5, or 9 small LED's per foot with over 100.000-hour life. All profiles are designed to allow the illuminated edge to be visible either going up the steps or coming down them. LEDSTEP is offered in a wide range of colors: blue, white, green, red or yellow.

The model 102 is available in either aluminum or black extruded PVC, which permits you to bend the profile when curved steps are on site. The models 201 and 202 are equipped with additional vertical (downward) lighting for the riser to provide even more safety, as well as illumination of optional publicity (advertisement) by means of our powerful modular beams with small LED's. The model 301 is for corridors, aisles, ramps and exit ways with its interlocking elements with multiple combinations. The 301 is used on all kinds of floor coverings and terminations.
The total flexibility and the unique characteristics of the system constitute the ideal choice for both new installations as well as retro-fit applications.

The models LEDSTEP 102 and 201 are
ADA compliant.
LEDSTEP is used in low level lighting applications such as cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, computer control rooms, etc.
as well as for high level lighting applications such as hotels, hospitals, airports, and all sorts of public areas