LED Neon-Flex

Neon has long been recognized as a standard in decorative.  Among the lucrative features of Neon are it's shortcomings which include a very fragile nature, complicated installation, frequent and expensive ongoing maintenance and most of all, HIGH ENERGY CONSUMPTION.

Neon-Flex has all the positive features of Neon WITHOUT the problems!

IT'S FLEXIBLE: Neon-Flex can be bent into an endles variety of curves and shapes including letters, architectural forms and patterns with a minimum bending radius is 2.5."

EASY TO INSTALL: with a family of coordinated accessories, this LIGHTWEIGHT system is much easier to install than glass and it can be cut, bent and fastened to a variety of flat surfaces.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Save up to 70% of your energy bill! Neon-Flex uses only 2.88 watts per linear foot vs. Glass neon: 8.75 watts per linear foot!

DURABLE: Neon-Flex features a unique housing system that encapsulates the lighting to create a dust, moisture and UV resistant protection that is impact resistant. Totally the opposite of traditional glass neon! 

LONG-LIFE: Neon-Flex has a life span of up to 100,000 hours! 

SAFE: Neon-Flex technology is LED which prevents the emission of excessive heat. Low voltage requirements make this product extremely SAFE and the sealed housing is shockproof! 

Because of Neon-Flex's LIGHT WEIGHT Properties - Shipping Costs Are a Fraction of Traditional Glass Neon!

No Need to Buy a Backup Piece. Because It Uses Plastic Tube Instead of Glass. IT WON'T BREAK!  You'll Only Need One.

Any Design Can Be Achieved Quickly, Inexpensively, Safely and Assembled On-Site!